7 comments on “The new Vanilla Ice Project season begins April 23

  1. Like most “reality” shows, it’s based on an aspirational fantasy that none of their viewership is ever going to achieve. House flipping. LOL. Assuming that in this economy you have the capital to acquire and remodel an abandoned or derelict property, where’s your market supposed to come from? Obama keeps telling us how we’re in a recovery but what he fails to acknowledge that it’s only when you average in the bankers who are doing better than they’ve ever done with their too-big-to-fail banks bigger than before the bailouts.

    Vanilla Ice: Gentrification for Celebrities


  2. Yeah, I don’t disagree with the fantasy aspect or the distance from most people’s reality. Also, most real house flippers are scum trying to get rich quick by tossing something together you couldn’t safely inhabit for more than six weeks. The fun thing about VIP is that it’s so far beyond the reach of real home-buyers and flippers that you don’t care. You just want to see what a lot of money can do in the hands of people who privilege insane opulence over taste and common sense.

    Normal people can’t afford (and probably don’t want) a gaudy faux Renaissance ceiling painting in their kitchen, complete with fat cherubs fluttering around in poofy clouds. I always expect to see a bikini-clad Emily Blunt stepping out of a giant clamshell. But it doesn’t matter. Only drug lords and sheiks are going to pay for jeweled cabinet hardware and all that other lunatic bling VI tacks on to everything.

    That’s the appeal of the show. It’s unapologetically over the top, crazy in its vulgarity. You have to love it.

  3. I guess it depends on your point of view. VIP takes the flipping concept and cranks it so high that it exceeds absurdity. I guess in that sense it’s worse — much, much worse.

  4. Well I didn’t mean to poop on what you like Sim. Sorry. 🙂

    Just feeling a little cynical about the state of our society these days. 😛 Not YOU, but people. 😛

  5. I welcome your pooping and completely agree that flipping shows are a symptom of something worse. VIP is the only show like that I can stand.

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