9 comments on “So, Ghostbusters reboot trailer hit today

  1. Marketers believe that the only people in the world are 15 to 30 years old. Anyone else on the planet does not matter. If a movie was made 30 years ago they believe there is no way in hell someone will remember it or watch it so why not remake it word for word?

    The Longest Yard remake with Adam Sandler was almost a scene for scene remake of Burt Reynolds movie except the remake was embarrassingly bad.

    No one today has an original idea.

  2. SONY is diligently deleting comments on the Youtube trailer. Rapid fire.

    They’re not deleting the stupid, blatantly sexist criticism though. That feeds their marketing. They’re only deleting the reasonable, rational critique.

    So I’ve just been copying and pasting this for hours because my life is sad:

    Here Sony, I’ll post it again so you can delete it for an 8th time:

    Really looking forward to being called a sexist for saying that I’m totally uninspired by this movie. The prop design sucks, the all female cast is transparently pandering, the sassy black stereotype is tedious, the comedic timing is bad in the trailer, which one would assume is their best shot at representing the thing… Ugh. This is all marketing. Pandering and marketing and none of the soul of the original is apparent here whatsoever.

    Oh and let’s not forget the injection of gun porn into Ghostbusters for basically no purpose whatsoever. Totally out of character for the Ghostbusters, absolutely not needed, but hey any film with action or conflict needs guns, right? To top it off let’s lick it. Eugh.

    The effects are pretty, though.

    This is why Bill Murray never wanted to do GB 3. He knew the formula had played out.

    But SONY sees dollar signs in a popular IP, and also an opportunity to feed off of a hot social topic by first curating online comments to look sexist as Hell, then coming in and being the heroes by dropping 4 female actresses into a totally subpar remake of a classic movie. So progressive!

  3. If those are their best jokes, they’re in deep trouble. I hope the writing isn’t that weak in the rest of the movie.

    I think the female cast thing could work really well, but if there’s that much computer-generated writing, there’s no point. You might as well cast talking alligators. Melissa McCarthy is probably the greatest comic genius of this decade, but every scene in that preview erased her. I hope it’s just a bad preview. They exist nowadays.

  4. OK Sim now imagine that in response to that comment, 487 college aged Milenials dropped from the rafters and called you a misogynistic child terrorist.

  5. Or an old luddite fart screaming about sacrilege or something.

    It looks like the internet is filling up with fans of the original trying to point out that the preview isn’t funny, only to be denounced by weekend feminists (so, basically, what you said).

    “But the jokes in the original worked. Where’s Venkman?”

    “You chauvinistic dog filth! Why do you have a problem with women?”

    “It’s not the women characters. The preview isn’t funny. Ghostbusters is supposed to be funny. Where’s Venkman?”

    “You’re trying to sidetrack this away from your gynophobia. It’s clear that you want to keep the dominant patriarchal thing in play.”

    “By ‘thing’ do you mean ‘ideology’?”

    “Don’t put words in my mouth! You’re just trying to sidetrack this!”

  6. “Also, there weren’t 4 scientists. Winston wasn’t a scientist.”

    “See? Ranking on women again! Male hirsute simian scum!”

  7. Sony is already spinning all the criticism of the movie as coming from bitter, sexist men who want to continue dominating cinema.

    Because a movie about 3 white scientists and their sassy black friend who works for the DOT is busting barriers.

    And where’s Venkman? The whole thing plays like one of those bad new gen SNL skit-movies.

  8. More like some parody of a self-aware parody of a Ghostbusters parody. Also, where’s Venkman? Really. Are they going to have a Venkman counterpart? Is Venkman going to show up as an old wrinkly demented version of his young demented self? And what about Dana? Will Sigourney Weaver return as a wrinkly old demented vessel for Zuul? Will she possess Chris Pratt? And before I forget: where’s Venkman?

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